Are you a Pet Lover? Dog Lover? Park Lover?

Then you might love helping make our small and large runs safe, healthy, clean and fun places for our dogs to hang out in. New York City like many Metropolitan cities rely on public service to maintain the local parks. All Parks are maintained by volunteers in partnership with the local city and it is important that each community has a volunteer group.

Clean Up & Maintenance:

  • The Poop has no Name… help picking up mysterious piles of dog poop that belong to no one’s dog.
  • Raking the Mulch.
  • Fill in the holes.
  • Changing the garbage.
  • Several Times a Year we host a complete mulch cleanup.

Social Media Fun:

  • Check In to the Dog Park.
  • Share Pictures & Videos.
  • Invite Friends and Family to stop by.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Google+

The More Social You are the More Friends your Dog Makes!

Local Business Development & Sponsorship –

We need to reach out to local and online businesses and get them to:

  • Sponsor us by donating products and services for events,
  • Particularly for treats and prizes for our events.
  • Sponsor by donating money!


  • Are you loud? Can bring a crowd?
  • Sponsor us by donating money, food, coffee, bagels for our event
  • We occasionally need volunteers for random projects and errands, and for events. If you’re up for whatever, we need you!
  • We want volunteering to be fun and rewarding and appreciate and respect your time. Join us!
  • The More the Merrier!